NV01: Route 236 - Little River Turnpike

Route 699 (Prosperity Avenue) TO Route 710 (Wakefield Chapel Road)


The survey regarding potential transportation safety, congestion and bicycle/pedestrian improvements along Route 236 (Little River Tpk.) between Route 699 (Prosperity Ave.) and Route 710 (Wakefield Chapel Rd.) is complete.

project purpose

The focus of this study is to assess traffic capacity and safety in the study area and identify congestion and safety improvements to be submitted in a funding application package. Congestion mitigation measures will be identified with a specific focus on the west end of the project area where there are two closely spaced signals and high-volume turning movements. The current bus routes and lack of bus infrastructure will be assessed to identify solutions for improving ridership. The effort will also focus on identifying improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. 

study partners

Fairfax County Department of Transportation

key points of contact

District Lead: Rahul Trivedi

Lead Consultant: David Beardsley 


Phase 1 August 2021 – September 2021 Problem Diagnosis/Brainstorm Alternatives
Phase 2 October 2021 – March 2022 Stakeholder/Public engagement and feedback
Phase 3 March 2022 – July 2022 Investment strategy cost estimation and refinement


NV01 Executive Summary Phase 1 - PDF, 3MB
NV01 Executive Summary Phase 2 - PDF, 890KB
NV01 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 1 - PDF, 7MB
NV01 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 2 - PDF, 6.1MB
NV01 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 2 - Spanish - PDF, 6.3MB
NV01 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 2 - Korean - PDF, 5.6MB
NV01 Public Engagement Summary Phase 2 - PDF, 756KB

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