Wood Haven Road (Route 628) TO Plantation Road (Route 115)

project purpose

The purpose of this study is to identify project recommendations for the Peters Creek Road (Route 117) and Williamson Road (Route 11) corridors within Roanoke County. This study will focus on improving roadway safety, reliability, multimodal accessibility/connectivity (bicycle, pedestrian, and transit), and transportation demand management needs. The project recommendations from this study may be developed into funding applications for SMART SCALE Round 6 and other transportation funding programs.

Public Information Meeting

Roanoke County is hosting a community meeting seeking input on possible multimodal and safety improvements for Peters Creek Road and Williamson Road between Wood Haven Road and Plantation Road.

Monday, March 18, 2024, 5 – 7 p.m.
Hollins Library, 6624 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke, VA 24019
Inclement Weather Date: Wednesday, March 20 at the same time and location. 

The public can provide input by taking the online survey, which will be open for responses March 18-April 1, 2024.

study partners

  • Roanoke County
  • Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization
  • Valley Metro
  • WRA

key points of contact

District Lead: Carol Moneymaker

Lead Consultant: Dana Trone


Phase 1 May - August 2023 Diagnose Problems/Conduct Initial Public Outreach/Brainstorm Alternatives
Phase 2 September - December 2023 Evaluate Preliminary Alternatives/Conduct Public Outreach and Obtain Feedback/Select Preferred Alternatives
Phase 3 January-July 2024  Conduct Risk Assessment/Develop and Refine Preferred Alternatives/Prepare Cost Estimate and Investment Strategy

Phase 1 Public Engagement Summary

The Phase 1 survey regarding potential transportation safety, reliability, and bicycle/pedestrian/transit improvements along Peters Creek Rd. (Route 117) and along Williamson Rd. (Route 11) between Wood Haven Rd. (Route 628) and Plantation Rd. (Route 115) in Roanoke County is complete.

Dates August 1-15, 2023
Number of Participants (unique individuals) 494

The following needs have been identified for this study. Do you agree with this initial assessment?
Safety 78%
Capacity Preservation 63%
Transportation Demand Management 56%
Reliability 54%
Pedestrian Access 49%
Bicycle Access 43%
Transit Access 41%

What mode(s) of travel do you use when traveling along the study area?
Personal Vehicle 98%
Cycling 17%
Walking 14%
Truck or Commercial Vehicle 6%
Taxi / Uber / Lyft 4%
Carpool / Vanpool 2%
Other 1%

How did you find this survey?
Facebook 52%
Community Newsletter or Email 10%
Other 9%
TV / Radio 7%
Instagram 7%
VDOT / Project Website 5%
Friend / Family / Colleague 3%
Twitter 3%
Other Social Media 3%
Newspaper 1%
Nextdoor 1%