ST04: 522/Front Royal Pike

50/Millwood Pike TO Costello Drive


The survey regarding potential transportation safety and operations improvements on Route 522 (Front Royal Pike) between Route 50/17 (Millwood Pike) and Costello Dr. is complete.

project purpose

This study will investigate mid-term (10-25 year) solutions to address operational and safety needs. The Rt 50/I-81 Exit 313 interchange bridge replacement will establish a 3rd WB through lane on Rt 50, but will not be sufficient to handle anticipated traffic from emerging developments along the corridor. A long-term (25-30 year) concept involving relocating Rt 522 to the east is being investigated through a separate MPO study. Two study area locations are on the district Potential for Safety Improvement list: the segment of Rt 522 from Costello Drive to Delco Plaza (#64) and the intersection of Rt 522 & Rt 50 (#72).

study partners

Frederick County

Winchester/Frederick County Metropolitan Planning Organization

key points of contact

District Lead: Brad Reed

Lead Consultant: Nathan Umberger 


Phase 1 August 2021 – September 2021 Problem Diagnosis/Brainstorm Alternatives
Phase 2 October 2021 – March 2022 Stakeholder/Public engagement and feedback
Phase 3 March 2022 – July 2022 Investment strategy cost estimation and refinement


ST04 Executive Summary Phase 1 - PDF, 25.3MB
ST04 Executive Summary Phase 2 (US 50 & I-81 Ramp) - PDF, 426KB
ST04 Executive Summary Phase 2 (Costello Drive to Travelodge Lane) - PDF, 471KB
ST04 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 1 (Slides 15-29 specifically relate to ST04) - PDF, 7MB
ST04 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 2 (Slides 5-35 specifically relate to ST04) - PDF, 7.4MB
ST04 Public Engagement Summary Phase 2 - PDF, 354KB
ST04 Final Report (Appendices available upon request) - PDF, 16MB