HR02: Battlefield Blvd & Great Bridge Byp/Oak Grove Connector Interchange

Route 190 Kempsville Road/ Great Bridge Boulevard TO Gainsborough Square


The survey regarding potential transportation improvements (safety, operational, bicycle/pedestrian and transit access) along Battlefield Boulevard between Gainsborough Square and Great Bridge Boulevard/Kempsville Road, including the Chesapeake Expressway (Route 168 Bypass) interchange, in Chesapeake is complete.

project purpose

The purpose of this study will be to analyze the operational issues identified at the Battlefield Boulevard and Route 168 interchange, with a focus on providing enhanced pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access. The surrounding area sees an influx of over 93,000 commuters, which places stress on the interchange and adjacent intersections - leading to significant congestion during AM and PM rush hours. Travel patterns at the interchange are also tied to operations on I-64. The objective of this study is to identify cost-effective preferred improvement alternatives that address the deficient conditions and provide connectivity to pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders.  

study partners

City of Chesapeake

Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization

key points of contact

District Lead: Eric Stringfield/Jerry Pauley

Lead Consultant: Kimley-Horn


Phase 1 August 2021 – September 2021 Problem Diagnosis/Brainstorm Alternatives
Phase 2 October 2021 – March 2022 Stakeholder/Public engagement and feedback
Phase 3 March 2022 – July 2022 Investment strategy cost estimation and refinement


HR02 Executive Summary Phase 1 - PDF, 2.1MB
HR02 Executive Summary Phase 2 - PDF, 2.1MB
HR02 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 1 (Slides 29-55 specifically relate to HR02) - PDF, 7.7MB
HR02 Stakeholder Presentation Phase 2 Survey Results & Preferred Alternative - PDF, 10.3MB
HR02 Public Engagement Summary Phase 2 - PDF, 424MB
HR02 Final Report (Appendices available upon request) - PDF, 16MB